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February 24, 2012
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Cannonball, Hard Revenge - Beast of Rage Unleashed by IrritusLamia Cannonball, Hard Revenge - Beast of Rage Unleashed by IrritusLamia
Animation on Display 2012 - Saturday

Photographer - Surfsama

Megaman Zero 3

" Ware wa Meshia Nari! HAHAHAHA! "
"I am the Messiah! HAHAHAHA!"

(Note: The same person that voices Grimmjow voices Omega. I was wondering why his voice seemed so familiar and why I fangasmed over his voice)

I personally like the Megaman X art style better than the Megaman Zero style, but the MMZ style is MUCH easier to cosplay from.

Cannonball is my second favorite theme song of all of the X through Zero games. The first of course belongs to "X vs Zero" by leaps and bounds.

Walking around the con, only one person actually called me Omega; everyone else just called me Zero. After a couple hours I just gave in and agreed to be called Zero (it's half correct anyway). I guess it's to be expected, since not a whole lot of people have actually played through the Zero series games.

Unfortunately, I don't have any other shots of Omega (well, I'm a baddie and lost all the photography cards; no pockets ya know). But I REALLY enjoyed cosplaying Omega; one of the few times I go around scowling at everything.

I rushed through most of the costume trying to make the deadline for the con. It took about 2 weeks to finish (MMX style Zero took a month), so I skimped on some sanding details.

The helmet was made from scratch using a combination of upholestry foam, plaster filler, craft foam, Styrene, and fiberglass. I accidentally dropped the helmet while the fiberglass was curing, so the left side is a little messed up. I ran out of time and couldn't sand down the mistake, so I left it like that. The blue crystal was supposed to be made out of acrylic and light up, but the special blue acrylic didn't come in time (I have the LED made and ready for it too...).

The arms are made of the same thing as the helmet, but I had enough time to sand the plaster into the correct shape. The legs were made exclusively out of upholstery foam, insulation foam and fiberglass. The ankle rings is made out of insulation foam and fiberglass, but I skipped 2 sanding stages.

The Zero Thong and holsters(?) are made of rubber sheeting.

The vest/shirt was sewed out of pleather (god, it gets hot in the sun). The boots were my favorite thing to work on. I used my old steel toed work boots that I covered in pleather. The black parts of the boots were sewed with pleather, 1 inch and 2 inch upholestry foam.

The sword was cut from a 1/8inch red acrylic sheet, which was VERY hard to cut without any scrapings, chips, or shattering. In fact, my O-Saber has a large chip on one of the edges. The O-Buster gun (which you can't see well) is made out of wood, modeling clay, and foamcore. The wig was lightly layered to give it the "Zero" look.

Overall, I skipped 2 sanding steps during the fiberglass curing. /fail

I plan on wearing (copy/normal) Zero at Sakuracon, but with the cloak from MMZ2.

Omega Zero, and Zero belong to Capcom.
Megaman Zero belongs to Capcom and Inti Creates.

Edit: Lawl at my make-up. I was on a giant rush to the con and did terrible eye lining. I wanted to have an overall dark look since I'm cosplaying the evil Zero. And this is the first time I'm stuffing (Zero has a package *cough*).

Other picture in the set: [link]
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supernovadobe Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Student General Artist
sdkfaj;askldfjaklfdj Fucking rad
xXNeokaXx Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
Ah! Darnit! Looks like we totally missed each other. I only went to A.O.D. on Sunday as Chaud Blaze from Megaman ExE xD If I had seen you I would have been like:

"ZERO!!!!" 8D
* awkward pause*
*Looks down at red sword*
"Wait...Zero's sword is suppose to be gree-....OMEGA ZERO!!!!!!" 8D

xD A suggestion for the cosplay so maybe more people will recognize you. Maybe you should go for a whiteish/ more light platinum blonde pony tail? I recall Omega's hair being lighter than Zero's. Also, I can't see if you're wearing any in this picture, but maybe red eye contacts would help too! That would make you look a lot eviler x3

I plan to go to Sakuracon as well! Maybe I'll see you there and actually call out your correct name! x3 I plan to do a Megaman Cosplay skit there, if you wanna seek me out. We can fan over the Megaman Zero games together! xD

Your cosplay looks amazing! I don't think I could ever work with all that pleather. Pleather is so hard to use! >_< Amazing job! You have skill and patience I could never hope to have.

Oh! Did you see the MMZ model at the A.O.D. dealer's hall? I hope they have more Megaman merchandise at Sakuracon! See you there maybe!
IrritusLamia Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
I wasn't Omega on Sunday unfortunately. /Sad face

Thank you for the suggestions, however Omega's and Zero's hair are exactly the same shade. The "lighter" feeling that you recall is most likely attributed to the Dark Elf's white aura that surrounds Omega, which gives such an illusion. The only difference between them is the eyes and slightly darker hue of red.

Yea, I'm wearing red contacts, but this shot was meant to show a shadow over my eyes so you can tell that Omega is evil (if you notice it hard enough, my eyes do show the red contacts). I believe the reason most people don't recognize Omega is because there are very few people (aside from the MM diehard fans) that have actually played the MMZ series. And because Zero's helmet is his trademark design, most people just go with who they know (i.e. Zero).

I'm going to be regular Zero (throught 1-4), so just calling me Zero is enough XD. A Megaman Skit? That's quite rare, what's the premise of it? Or is it going to be one big Megaman Lawlfest?

Luckily for me, I didn't use that much (only the shirt/boots), but yea... I hate working with pleather. It rips wayyyy too easy, and messing up leaves ugly stitch marks. Thank you for all your input! I'm really looking forward to S-Con and Zero-ing it up.

I saw it... but by the time I went to get cash to buy it, they were already sold out. It actually made me sad face the entire day.
xXNeokaXx Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
Oh! Is that so? Hm...Now that I look at it, I guess you're right! I also saw the other picture with your red contacts. They look very good on you. I would have told instantly you were the evil Zero. Even if it is the same shade, I'm sure white hair would have tipped more people off. Silly non-MMZ players xD (As you can tell I'm one of those die hard MM fans)

Going as reg. Zero at Sakuracon would be easier I guess. I once went as an obscure character that looked like someone else. It was frustrating. So good luck! I guess that mean's you'll have to cut out a green sword now? That looks difficult. Good luck!

My skit is just gonna ruin everyone's memories of maybe you shouldn't come xD Yeah, I like how you put it. It's just a big lawlfest
IrritusLamia Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
=D, the only thing with the lighter shade of blonde though is that I'd have to buy two wigs for a slight difference.. and wigs are expensive enough as it is (that, and I'm running out of room to store my wigs). Ya, I'm certain you would! People who have played through the entirety of the Z series seem to be few in number.

Ruin memories of MM? That's impossible. At least for me. I grew up on the series. But maybe I'll drop by if I hear the lawltastic MM ruination.
xXNeokaXx Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Ah, I totally understand. Well at least the true MM fans know you! That's all that matters right?
Running out of wig room? xD Wow! You must be an amazing cosplay designer! I'm actually very new to the whole cosplaying culture. I hope to maybe learn many things from you~! I don't suppose you have a FaceBook account do you?
IrritusLamia Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
XD, Nah... I just... have done a decent amount of cosplays. I've only started cosplaying for like... less than 2 years, and my experiences are still quite limited. There are much more things I still have to learn.

xXNeokaXx Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Doesn't everyone? Good luck with future cosplays! Just added you, and I will do my best to reach your level of cosplay awesomeness some day!
Cosmic-Empress Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
Swaaaa... wahhh.. baaaaa... so amazing!
IrritusLamia Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
<3. You.
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